M  A  R  K       T  H  I  S      B O O K

​​​​My collages are made from paper, photographs, drawings, text, fabric, and anything that lends itself to being transformed into something unique from its original usage. By rearranging unrelated and menial objects, I hope to produce images, which lead one to questioning their perception of reality and to pondering the infinite. These works are a composite of the old and the new, the broken and the whole, the destroyed and the restored, the diminished and disdained with the delighted and desired. While serving with the United Nations in Bosnia in the mid-nineties, I developed a concern for individuals from different cultures, and sought to find an artistic style to convey my spiritual journey, and also reach an audience with limited exposure to contemporary Christian images. I chose the mandala, an ancient design symbolizing the Universe, as an appropriate structure for spiritual contemplation. The intent is to create works giving the appearance of a dream interpretation while stylistically incorporating kaleidoscopes and stained glass windows with the mandala.